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 Thanks for the report.

2008/5/2 Bennett Marschner:
>  Hi, I've noticed a very predictable crash when playing against AI players.
>  I'm running freeciv 2.1.4    on mac os 10.5.2     under X11  "X11.app
>  2.1.1 - (xorg-server 1.3.0-apple5)"
>  (or 2.1.3 if thats what those numbers after the mac download mean)

 It's 2.13 then. I don't think there is 2.1.4 packet for MacOS X yet.

>  the sequence of events is always this:
>  when theres an enemy city I want gone due to it being so close to
>  neighboring cities,
>  step 1: poison it down to a level 1 city with spies
>  step 2: kill any defending units with my "armor" units
>  step 3: move armor unit into city, the city is destroyed
>  step 4: crash!

 Can you send savegame from which this can be easily reproduced?

 - ML

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