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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu May 08 00:52:08 2008]:
>  Player changes when trying to /take player one is
>  currently observing.
>  Reproducing in S2_1
>  1) /set aifill 5
>  2) Select nation for some of the players (this is just to make them
> visibly unique)
>  3) Observe player with nation selected
>  4) /take that player
>  Notice how selected nation is no longer applied to player you now
> control. Also, /list may show that you control somebody else.
>  All this is because server first detaches us from previous player
> (which we were observing) -> player removed.

I have confirmed this for S2_1.

When compiling the patch I get

stdinhand.c: In function `take_command':
stdinhand.c:2899: warning: 'was_observing_this' might be used 
uninitialized in this function

There is also typo in a comment: "obserwing".


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