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2008/5/16 Marko Lindqvist:
>  Reason for this one was unit losing visibility of itself when
> transferred from old player to new rebel player. Sending of
> remove_unit to client before fogging was optimized out on the basis
> that player will get later info about lost unit anyway (which was not
> even true in this case).

 Fix committed to all branches. This doesn't mean same assert cannot
fail again for some other reason. Please open separate ticket for such
new bugs.

 I just add that in this case unit was standind outside city and
transferred to another city by really_change_homecity().
really_change_homecity() removes vision before changing unit owner. If
someone wants to reinstate now removed tiny network optimization, this
case must be taken care of (probably requires passing old owner as
parameter to some functions that now use current owner information
from unit structure)

 - ML

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