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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Jun 05 20:53:32 2008]:
> 2008/5/30 Madeline Book:
> >
> > When a user connected to a server with some
> > AI players created by aifill, they were attached
> > to an existing AI player but AI mode was not
> > reset. So when the game started the player's
> > units moved on their own. This patch fixes that
> > problem by cancelling AI mode in the attached
> > player if AI mode is on and the server is in
> > the pregame state.
>  I looked this problem too when I were working with the connectdialog
> problems (still unsure what to do with the remaining patch I have)
>  I don't like how things are not symmetric. When human detach from
> player, human -> ai toggle comes from client. Your patch makes the
> opposite in the server side.
>  Not that I'm against your patch. IMHO these both toggles should
> happen at server side.

Possibly there is a better way of handling it. I'll look into
it if you do not beat me to it.


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