2008/6/6 Madeline Book:
> What might be nice is to release 2.1.5 so it can be used
> for the first 2.1.x longturn game (which will probably start in a week or 
> two),

 Then I suggest that we postpone 2.1.5 one week, if that's possible
for Daniel. I should have time for looking into the gcc 4.3 problem
early next week.

> I don't know much at all about the gcc bug (actually I had 4.3 installed
> a while ago, but since I had some problems not just with freeciv I am
> now using 3.4.6).

 I only noticed these problems when compiling Freeciv for Ubuntu
Intrepid (pre-alpha distribution), which uses gcc 4.3.1 release

 See http://vcust127.louhi.net/freeciv/testing/compilation.php

> Since I don't know how much hassle it is to make a full release for
> freeciv I would tend to support more releases more often. Since then
> the program can be advertised on various sites and users can have
> the feeling that progress is being made. ;)

 Major releases: I definitely agree. Currently new features
implemented immediately after branching live years in our svn before
they are in any release = really used.
 Minor releases: S2_1 is already quite mature, just occasional minor
fixes go in. No point in making releases identical to previous one :-)

 I'll be away until Monday.

 - ML

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