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Marko Lindqvist wrote:
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> 2008/6/8 Marko Lindqvist:
>> S2_1:
>> unithand.c:362: real_unit_change_homecity: Assertion `!unit_alive ||
>> unit_owner(punit) == city_owner(new_pcity)' failed.
>> I have not yet managed to reproduce.
>> I remember tracking similar assert() last fall, and it turned out to
>> be impossible to fix without major rewrites.
>  I think it's always a bug that passenger may conquer cities. Consider
> ruleset where some unit can act both as transporter and unit occupying
> enemy cities. If such unit is carrying allied unit and tries to occupy
> enemy city, city will end under ally's control.
>  Fixing that so that passengers never occupy cities also avoids above
> crash (which is caused by enemy unit on board conquering city when
> transport arrives and then city is no longer owned by transport owner.
> Enemy unit on board is not a bug during civil war)

Good explanation but how does that cause the assertion?


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