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Madeline Book wrote:
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>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Fri Jun 13 19:12:57 2008]:
>> + notify_conn(dest, NULL, E_MESSAGE_WALL,
> It might be better to just send this as an unprefixed
> "chat" message. E_MESSAGE_WALL usually creates a popup
> (and if users configure it to not popup, then the /wall
> command loses some of its usefulness as a means to
> wakeup users) which in this case would not be good for
> very long messages (goes off screen, cannot copy&paste,
> etc.).

Agreed on that one.  /wall is for administrative announcements.

However it might be wise to have the message be generated at the client 
end separately.  The client receives information about the new 
connection, does it not?  It can generate a message that is properly 
localized and displayed graphically rather than being a simple message 


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