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2008/6/16 Madeline Book:
> I have also written the code with the future feature
> of more than one base type being allowed per tile in
> mind. This should be possible (since indeed it was
> allowed to have a fortress and an airbase on the same
> tile before), but I will start a new ticket for this
> issue later.

 You mean that since they have been stored as separate bits (and not
as id number), it would have been possible to have them independently
in same tile. I don't think it has ever been really possible for
player. Fortress and airbase have replaced each other. I think this is
correct behavior. Do you have some good use-case where multiple bases
should exist in same tile?
 Note that even with just one base/tile main reason I have not pushed
gen-base code in faster is memory and disk space (savegame) usage.
There will be player num (FoW, what players believe)) + 1 (truth) base
maps. If you allow multiple bases in the same tile, you need one
bit/tile/basetype. With just one base/tile you can have
2^(bits/tile)-1 base types. I even consider adding just one more base
type in next version by using those specials bits we have been using
until now.

 - ML

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