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2008/6/19 Madeline Book:
> When I get the OK, I'll commit this editor work so far
> so that I can continue implementing other editor features.

 Looks good to me.

> Meanwhile, I am having a problem with my method of composi-
> ting sprites to make icons (functions create_terrain_pixbuf,
> create_military_base_pixbuf and create_tile_pixbuf). For
> some reason the sprite.offset_{x,y} fields seem to mean
> something different for terrains than they do for the
> military base sprites. For example, some base sprites have
> negative offsets!

 Sorry, can't help you there. When I changed tilespec code to handle
military bases a bit differently from other specials, offset stuff was
just recreated as it was before. Are unit sprite offsets handled same
way as terrain sprite offsets, or do they use (yet) another system?

 - ML

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