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2008/6/19 Madeline Book <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
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>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Jun 18 23:52:44 2008]:
>> 2008/6/16 Madeline Book:
>> >
>> > So would it be possible to use the autoconf tools to
>> > somehow make lua compile with the right defines? E.g.
>> > with -DLUA_USE_LINUX on my linux system.
>>  This patch for adds configure checks for functions conditionally
>>  used by lua.
> I have also found a patch to make lua use autotools here:
> http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaPowerPatches
> Perhaps with that patch all it would take is to somehow
> make freeciv's configure invoke lua's so it can handle all
> the details of setting up luaconf.h.

 Subconfigure would make maintenance easier, if it was part of
standard lua distribution. Sadly, it isn't.
We would need to separately upgrade configure stuff when ever we
upgrade lua - assuming there is up-to-date version of the configure
stuff. After fighting almost an year with lua & tolua/tolua++/toluaxx
upgrade problems, I'm not too eager to count on development of
external dependencies to stay in sync.

 In this situation I think it's wiser to use less complex method of
just one configure, as in my patch. Agreed?

 - ML

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