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> [book - Wed Jun 11 21:10:32 2008]:
> First version of editor icons that where suggested to be
> added to svn in PR#40184 so as remove the need for binary
> patches.
> Most images are from tileset images already in the repository.
> As for the 'X', brush, pointing hand, eye, and wrench+screwdriver
> they based on various sources which may not be GPL (e.g. some
> are from tango.freedesktop.org which are CC, wherease others
> were unattributed in the first place), so I may redo them.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 綺麗な絵!自分で創ったの?

Did you sort out the licensing of these gfx? I see it has been added to 
svn but is still lacking an accompanying .spec so I cannot see how 
attribution has been worked out.

BTW, the Japanese is incorrect here. Someone used a very odd kanji for 
the verb 'tsukuru'. :-P

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