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> This is a pre-emptive meta-ticket for the 2.2 release. Any tickets
> which the new release should depend on should be linked here.

Thanks Marko for the initiative.

> In order to get new features faster to end-users I'd like to make
> feature releases more often (with smaller changesets)
> My suggestion:
>  - 2.2 should be released as soon as Madeline's editor work is
> finished and current bugs are fixed. Other features may go in as long
> as they do not postpone release schedule. I hope to implement some of
> the most important features missing from scripting. First beta could
> come out in about two months.

IMHO another must-fix for 2.2 first beta is some kind of update to the  
default tilesets. William's new terrain rules have outdated all 2.1  
tilesets. "Wooded hills" provide different resources from "verdant hills",  
for example, but use the same sprite and often exist in the same general  
area. If we release a beta without doing anything about this, I can  
promise it'll generate alot of negative buzz among veteran users.

For starters, I will make ugly-but-usable tweaks to the current default  
tilesets, while trying to recruit the services of our artist community.

>  - We will branch S2_3 from S2_2 branch some time after editor is in.
> 2.3 will contain remaining features earlier planned for S2_2 and some
> minor new ones (We really should provide IPv6 version soon. Debian and
> other distributions based on it of course have patched version of
> Freeciv with IPv6 support already)

Is it really necessary to branch 2.3 already? Can't we just work on trunk  
until the next feature freeze?

>  - ML


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