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The subversion revision is not included in VERSION_STRING which is used 
in a lot of places.  Thus even if SVNREV is defined, the subversion 
version isn't actually shown on, for instance, the startup screen.

I think VERSION_STRING should not be used outside of version.c.  The 
client and other callers should use access functions, including a 
"short" version string.  The word_version() function is generally bad 
for i18n as it is used in string constructors so if possible should be 
removed I think (though I'm not sure about it's use in the SDL client; 
in gtk it's a straight string constructor).

   my_snprintf(msgbuf, sizeof (msgbuf), _("Freeciv version %s %s"),
               VERSION_STRING, _("(beta version)"));

In version.c this is also a bad and unnecessary string constructor IMO. 
  The whole thing here should be translated as one.

It's possible there's good reason for some of the way things are done 
now but I do think some could use an overhaul.


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