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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Jun 23 20:53:07 2008]:
> Madeline Book wrote:
> > So my opinion would be to revert the terrain changes, unless
> > someone is willing to do the work to restore civ1,2 terrain
> > rule compatibilty and move the new terrain types to their
> > own ruleset (and later to actually include the great quantity
> > of necessary new graphics).
> No need to revert code changes but the ruleset terrain info should be 
> reverted.  Among other things all the terrain-drawing bugs need to be 
> fixed (most deal with lack of graphics probably?).
> And afaik civ1 and civ2 do have their own terrain.ruleset...

Actually if you now try the new editor in S2_2 and trunk with
the civ1 or civ2 rulesets you will find some very weird stuff
in the terrain list. For example volcanoes and oceanic ridges
that were never in civ1,2, and multiple duplicate terrain
types. It's a big mess and the ruleset files should probably
be reverted (but will the old versions still work with the
new code?).


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