This is just a request for ideas at this point.  The saveturns variable 
is set to 10 by default and without hack access cannot be changed.  This 
means in any public game (ggz, pubserver) it is stuck at 10 unless some 
server script is used to change it.

Now, 10 is not a good value.

For GGZ which tracks savegames and allows reloading it'd be best to have 
turn-by-turn saving or even to allow the /save command to be used with 
no parameters.  It'd also be desirable for each savegame to overwrite 
the previous one I'd think, so the savegame was just called 
civgame.sav.gz rather than civgame-3500.sav.gz.  I suppose a GGZ default 
rc file could be created and installed but there's no way to have the 
save name skip the year postfix.

I'm fairly sure pubserver set the saveturns value to 1.  It might have 
been changeable with ctrl access at that time however.

In single-player games I really think 1 is a better value on modern 


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