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Marko Lindqvist wrote:
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> 2008/6/24 Madeline Book:
>> Actually if you now try the new editor in S2_2 and trunk with
>> the civ1 or civ2 rulesets you will find some very weird stuff
>> in the terrain list. For example volcanoes and oceanic ridges
>> that were never in civ1,2, and multiple duplicate terrain
>> types. It's a big mess and the ruleset files should probably
>> be reverted (but will the old versions still work with the
>> new code?).
>  All rulesets require all terrain types when used with this new code
> (William himself told so, I don't know all the details) At least all
> the numerous ocean types are required because code uses hardcoded
> terrain identifiers and game probably crashes if ruleset does not
> provide ocean type for certain identifier (and there can be only one
> identifier for each terrain).

Seems a bad idea after all the work done to remove such hard-coding.

>  My plan is to restore code flexibility so that ruleset can decide how
> many, and which kind of terrains, it provides. This is not necessarily
> done by reverting earlier code changes (and I'm afraid it's not easy
> to revert such big patches after all the code alterations since
> original patches went in).



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