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I'm having a go at writing an interstellar modpack, which would enable you  
to play at a planetary level. However, although my tileset (a hacked  
version of amplio) and the rulesets will work with freeciv's map  
generator, this does not allow for nice generation of stars with planets  
and things in orbit. I have written a map generator in perl to do this,  
but, when I try to load it, it gives me several error messages from the  
server, as follows:

1: The server appears to have gotten into an infinite loop in the  
allocation of starting positions. Maybe the number of players is too high  
for this map. Please report this bug at http://www.freeciv.org/.  
civserver: mapgen.c:1252: map_fractal_generate: Assertion '0' failed.  

The modpack and generator are available at  
http://sjlegg.googlepages.com/interstellar.tar.bz2. --Sjl 19:47, 26 June  
2008 (UTC)

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