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> I don't know how this is best implemented... maybe by a single dedicated 
> server (like del.icio.us <http://del.icio.us> ... obviously your games 
> would be associated with your login), or maybe by letting individual 
> players configure where their games will be stored.
> Maybe there's a free web storage service that could be used for the

Checked out a few web storage possibilities. One that looks like a
perfect fit is box.net <http://enabled.box.net>. They specifically give
you an API, and give you a way to let users create an account easily.
There are already a number of free programs that use it, such as a
Firefox bookmark synchronizer. See http://enabled.box.net/docs

Sounds like you ned to create a box.net project, for which you create an
API key. Would be nice (according to the TOS) if this project could be
more general-purpose than just for freeciv; e.g. if it could apply to
saving/loading game files for multiple games.
To do that, I suppose it would need to be external to freeciv; maybe
just a separate folder-sync program (of which some already exist).
In that case no modification of freeciv would be necessary.

is already one sufficiently generic to handle this need, e.g. a general
saved-game-storage project.

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