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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Jan 15 11:03:44 2008]:
> Hello:
> REF: http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?t=4113.
> Please consider making the road movement multiplier to be a 
> ruleset-adjustable value, rather than hardcoded. This multiplier should 
> probably affect river movement as well.
> I know that in Civ2, it could be changed in the rules.txt file. That was 
> very convenient - it allowed finer tuning of unit movement rates for 
> modpacks. For example, reducing the road movement multiplier to 2x or 
> even 1x, and increasing terrain movement costs accordingly, you could 
> have very slow units with only one move point, while still retaining the 
> advantages of reduced movement for paved tiles (all movement between two 
> tiles, both having roads, is reduced to 1/2 or 1, regardless of the 
> underlying terrain move cost) and units with multiple movement points. 
> And "rugged" terrain would still slow down most units. Or, you could 
> speed things up by increasing the road movement multiplier to, say, 4x.
> Example: ruleset (effects.ruleset? game.ruleset? terrain.ruleset?) value 
> of road movement multiplier (default 3) is changed to 1x for a modpack; 
> terrain.ruleset is modified: flat terrain (grassland, plains, desert) 
> move cost set to two, forest to 3-4, hills to 4, mountains/swamp/jungle 
> to 5-6; units.ruleset is modified: slow units (slaves/workers, 
> catapults) have one move point, standard units (most land units) have 
> two move points, fast units have more (chariots and light/skirmishers 3, 
> horsemen 4-5, etc.); across flat open terrain, then, any unit could move 
> one tile, some two, others three (same as now); "rugged" terrain 
> (forest, hills, etc.), however, would still slow down even fast-moving 
> units (same as now) such that any land unit could only advance into only 
> one mountain tile (same as now); on paved tiles however, some slow units 
> would still only go one tile, most standard land units would now go two 
> paved tiles, some fast units 3-4-5 or even more, as long as they stay on 
> a road, and all regardless of the terrain type underlying the roads.
> As the rules stand, some units might be able to attack more than once - 
> if they're very lucky and don't suffer much damage, and haven't moved 
> yet. Now, they would have a much better chance of having one or more 
> move points left after the first maneuver or attack to actually get in 
> an extra attack at full strength (and therefore a reasonable chance of 
> success), rather than being crippled by damage after the first charge 
> (as is often now the case) or faced with only fractional move points 
> remaining with which to attack, withdraw, or fortify.
> It is easy to see that the current movement scheme could be exactly 
> duplicated by setting road multiplier to 1x, and simply increasing all 
> unit move rates and terrain move costs by a factor of 3x; the only 
> difference would then be that all units would automatically gain 
> multiple-attack capability.  In any case, it would be up to the modpack 
> author to ensure that some units are flagged as "one attack per turn 
> only" as desired (most standard land units currently fit this class, but 
> do not require a flag to specify them as such).
> The game engine currently allows any unit with even a fractional 
> movement point remaining, to move into another tile; it may be necessary 
> to add a check to ensure that any unit, that can move at all, is allowed 
> to move at least one tile per turn, regardless of the tile move cost.
> This change would have no direct effect on sea or air unit movement.
> Thanx and Regards,
> VJSchiavoni

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