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Marko Lindqvist wrote:
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> 2008/3/24 Marko Lindqvist:
>>  TERRAIN_XXX_IDENTIFIER definitions have to go, and terrains must be
>> selected by properly checking their flags, ocean_depth -value, or what
>> ever is appropriate for each case.
>  Attached patch removes code that creates these special ocean types.
> If such special features are needed in the future, they should be
> reimplemented in a proper, generic, fashion.
>  civ1 & civ2 rulesets have only one ocean type, default ruleset three
> types; Lake, Ocean and Deep Ocean.


I don't understand though what the "identifiers" are supposed to do?  I 
understand and am happy that they're being removed but what could 
possibly have prompted the re-addition of hardcoded terrain identifiers 
in the first place?


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