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2008/7/1 Pepeto:
> I didn't change anything more than the diplomat condition, so if it
> should be changed, it's a part of an another ticket.

 S2_2 patch adds check for !is_ocean(). This is immediately after
checking destination tile properly with is_native_tile_to_class().

   if (!is_native_tile_to_class(param->uclass, ptile1)) {
-    if (unit_class_transporter_capacity(ptile1, param->owner,
param->uclass) > 0) {
+    if (unit_class_transporter_capacity(ptile1, param->owner,
param->uclass) > 0
+       || (!is_ocean(ptile->terrain)
+           && is_non_allied_unit_tile(ptile1, param->owner)
+            && unit_list_size(ptile1->units) == 1)) {

 If sea moving and flying diplomats are still broken after all
gen-movement patches, that should be reported as bug, and not to break
it further.

 Have you tested that this really works properly if unit has both
Diplomat-flag and attack power != 0? (Actually, does UI allow attack
with unit that has Diplomat-flag?)

 - ML

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