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 We already had some discussion about multiple bases on same tile.
Let's continue, and gather information, in its own ticket.

 I'm currently aware of two parts of code that would not work with
more than one base on same tile:
 - Pillage selection has only "any base" resolution.
 - Bases can act as vision/border sites. These are identified by the
tile they are placed on.

 About number of different bases ruleset format should allow:
 One reason for generic bases is to allow modpacks to contain unique
bases. These would already be on map when game begins, and one cannot
build more of them. For example, fantasy modpack could have some
ancient towers around. Ruleset format should allow many such unique
bases in addition to several buildable ones.
 Scripting allows unique behavior for any number of tiles, but that
does not allow any graphics. Bases are visible.

 I have been looking in to possibility that there is boolean setting
in ruleset defining if multiple bases can be on same tile. If it's
true, ruleset can contain only one basetype / bit. If it's false,
ruleset can contain (2^bits)-1 basetypes.

 - ML

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