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It is my intent to merge these two, in some form or fashion.  After 
discussion, I believe it is best to keep 2.2 as the development version 
for another cycle.  Therefore first we need to find any patches that 
were accidentally committed to just one branch (probably trunk) and 
merge them into the other if appropriate.  Then S2_2 basically just gets 
copied over trunk, and then S2_2 gets deleted.  At some future time when 
we are ready to branch off a 2.2 (or whatever the next version is) we 
will do so.  In the meantime it is unnecessary to maintain two branches.

So, here is a list of differences between the braches:

The biggest one is the removal of embassies in trunk.  Embassies should 
stay for now, until after the next (civ2-compatible) release.

39730 appears to be committed to 2.2 but not to trunk.  I'm highly 
uncertain on this patch which removes a lot of random things and could 
easily introduce massive bugs.  It changes the bribery code around 
heavily and was for some reason only applied to the stable branches.

I'm still going through the diff so more to come.  Or, well, hopefully not.


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