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2008/7/10 Jason Dorje Short:
> Yes, sucks.  Whoever designed it obviously never actually played the
> game.  Borders never expand, even to the area covered by the city, while
> you're in a phase of growth.  This means no matter how long you play you
> will generally never even control your own land.  The visual effect is
> entirely unappealing as the whole screen gets covered with border lines.

 Good news is that this should be fixable by one-liner adjusting how
vision-site size is determined.

 One problem with your screenshot is that all cities there are size 1
- borders are not even expected to be very far from cities in that
point (not that I too much like the way these two things are tied
together). What is the value of your borders setting? (Yes, someone
changed how it behaves without touching "/help borders" text)

 - ML

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