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Nicolas R. Wadhwani wrote:
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> Hi,
> This feature may have been in the editor previously but is probably commented 
> out now, so I tried to implement it the "proper way". With this patch you can 
> let cities build items like improvements and units while in editor mode by 
> clicking on the "buy" button of the general cityreport dialog (Hotkey "F4" in 
> the GTK GUI, where you get a list of all cities of one player). This will 
> cost nothing for the player owning the city and the improvements/units will 
> be immediately added to the given city without having to wait one turn like 
> in the usual context of this button. This feature should work with any 
> clients supporting the Editor mode however, it won't affect the "buy" button 
> you get in the normal city dialog when double clicking on a city (either on 
> the map or in the general cityreport). That's what I'm currently looking 
> after to change, but it looks like this button and it's callback is 
> implemented GUI specific, but that is just guessing of mine.
> As you may have thought I'm completely new to this project and am just mostly 
> busy trying to learn to look through the existing code and guessing how I 
> could work with it. So any further contributions may take some time. ;)

Would it be simpler just to change the buy costs when in editor mode to 
0?  Then any buying action would simply grant the improvement.  Other 
restrictions can be removed as well.  Some client updates might be 
needed (if the buy cost is 0 the "buy" button should be renamed as 
"Add"; this could be useful for some modpacks potentially) but wouldn't 
be necessary for full functionality.


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