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2008/7/13 Daniel Markstedt:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Jul 01 20:47:26 2008]:
>> 2008/7/1 Marko Lindqvist:
>> > 2008/7/1 Jason Dorje Short:
>> >
>> >> "make dist" assumes all conditionals pass to find out what needs
> to be
>> >> distributed.
>> >
>> >  I believe  "make dist" collects files from both "conditional pass"
>> > and "conditional fails" possibilities.
>>  In the case of ftwl-directory, I suspect that old automake is not
>> properly handling conditionally built library (even though it's in
>> "conditional pass" branch) and subsequently not adding source files it
>> would require.
>>  Attached patch removes conditionality from library and makes entering
>> to the directory in the first place conditional instead. Conditional
>> subdirs are already used in other places.
>>  This works for me (automake 1.10.1) at least. I can compile both
>> ftwl-client and other clients, and 'make dist' adds ftwl-files no
>> matter which client is enabled from configure.
> I cannot currently test this patch, as configuring S2_0 with --enable-
> ftwl fails both with and without it. The last messages are:
> checking for unistd.h... yes
> configure: error: bad value yes for --enable-ftwl

 Try --enable-ftwl=x11 or --enable-ftwl=sdl

 Please test also 'make dist' when ftwl is *not* selected as client at
configure time. 'make dist' should make full tarball, no matter the
configure time selections.

 - ML

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