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Actually I don't like the way the tier field is obtained
at the client side. It is brittle in that it assumes that
terrains are sent in the same order as the server reads
them from the ruleset. In other words, the protocol is
not stateless, and this could be annoying later. (Though
the potential for causing trouble of a bad tier field
value on the client side is rather minor.)

For S2_1 then, this drawback would be acceptable in order
to not have to change packet formats, but for S2_2+ the
tier field should be sent in PACKET_RULESET_RESOURCE, to
remove the tier calculation from the client and keep it

So I will re-work the S2_2/trunk version to make it more
robust in this manner.

Are there any objections to having the S2_1 version committed
(depends on #40364) so that resource conversion behaves the
same as it did in 2.0/civ2? Also, no problems with splitting
the grassland "resources" resource into "animal resources"
and "plant resources"?

Or we could just leave S2_1 as is and have these resource
conversion fixes/features for S2_2 only.


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