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On Sat, 19 Jul 2008 07:25:41 +0900, Madeline Book  

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> Actually I don't like the way the tier field is obtained
> at the client side. It is brittle in that it assumes that
> terrains are sent in the same order as the server reads
> them from the ruleset. In other words, the protocol is
> not stateless, and this could be annoying later. (Though
> the potential for causing trouble of a bad tier field
> value on the client side is rather minor.)
> For S2_1 then, this drawback would be acceptable in order
> to not have to change packet formats, but for S2_2+ the
> tier field should be sent in PACKET_RULESET_RESOURCE, to
> remove the tier calculation from the client and keep it
> "dumb".
> So I will re-work the S2_2/trunk version to make it more
> robust in this manner.
> Are there any objections to having the S2_1 version committed
> (depends on #40364) so that resource conversion behaves the
> same as it did in 2.0/civ2? Also, no problems with splitting
> the grassland "resources" resource into "animal resources"
> and "plant resources"?
> Or we could just leave S2_1 as is and have these resource
> conversion fixes/features for S2_2 only.

I would vote for the latter. My standpoint is to not introduce  
gameplay-altering changes between minor versions - for a number of reasons.

Let's get 2.2 out the door asap instead. :)


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