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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sat Jul 19 19:54:51 2008]:
> Probably to do with the way auto-improvements were changed
> in handling.
> City squares automatically get irrigation.  Hill + irrigation = 2
> food.  Of course you can mine the hill too, then you get the
> irrigation and the mining bonus, which is a bit wrong but is the way
> it's always been.  Forests can't be irrigated and so don't get the
> bonus.
> Is auto-irrigation handled correctly for cities on other terrain
> types?  It should be 2 food for plains or grassland (in despotism),
> or 3 food (despotism) for wheat.

I checked all other terrain/resource types and all governments;
the only abnormality is the 1 food for hill cities (in all
governements). I do now recall that there was a ticket to fix
something to do with the auto farmland/irrigation for city
tiles, perhaps there was small unintended side-effect in that


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