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In Civ II you can turn on to see the 'strongest'
unit on top of a city - is it possible to do this in freeciv?  I 
checked the client options but didn't see it.

Comments on email to/from Madeline Book:

"This does not exist in freeciv; you can make a
new wishlist ticket for it (or a post in the
wishlist forum) and someone might eventually
get to implementing it (it would not be very
hard I think)."

Hmmm, I can't remember if you can see the strongest unit inside ANY city
(sorry).  I guess from a tactical/logical point of view it doesn't make
sense that you can see what the 'enemy' has in its defences.

However I think it's definitely required for your own cities - OK, I'll make
a wish-list request.



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