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Client Version: 2.1.3


Bug/issue: Because our online game is normally only being played one turn
per day/login session, we don't see ANY messages from when we weren't online
OR from when our turn starts. This is a major issue as we rarely see what's
going on in the game.

Comments from Madeline Book in a previous email to me:

"This sounds like you are playing longturn. ;)

Anyway, I previously implemented offline events for that flavour of freeciv
to solve the exact problem that you have outlined. You can find the patch in
the longturn bug tracker:

Although if I were to port it to 2.2 (since it is likely that no new "big"
features will be added to the 2.1 series, just bug fixes) I would modify it
to also store events you receive while connected (currently it only stores
and resends events that occured while you were not connected), so that it is
generalized to a kind of "event history".

If you would like this feature, start a new ticket and I'll see what I can


Richard Clement
0418 229 716

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