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2008/7/27 r7:
> This transaction appears to have no content
> Jason wrote:
>> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40401 >
>> Just on a hunch, try running it without sound: civclient -P none I
>> believe it is.
> how do get gdb to accept the civclient options? i get:
>   [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ gdb civclient -P none
>   gdb: unrecognized option '-P'
>   Use `gdb --help' for a complete list of options.

 Give options to "run" command inside gdb

$ gdb civclient
> run -P none

> please find attached.

 Your binaries are missing debug information, so that backtrace is not
helping us much. There seems to be package named freeciv-debuginfo for
fedora available. Can you install it and try 'bt full' again?

 - ML

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