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> [nicorwadh - Sun Aug 03 21:35:49 2008]:
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] - So 27. Jul 2008, 17:10:31]:
> > 
> > Depending on the order of packets being correct is, in general, very
> > bad.  Each packet should be independent.
> I agree on that so it is probably most sensible to let the apropiate
> function processing the city_info packet check for the change of the
> owner of the city instead of the tile. I also deleted a comment
> suggesting that tile owner should be the same as city owner, which
> clearly didn't seem to be the case without my previous patch.

Oops, I missed this ticket when I fixed this issue
for #40327. My patch there basically does the exact
same thing as yours (but fixes both occurences of
the misuse of tile_owner). Can you check that that
patch also fixes the problem in this ticket; we
may be able to close both issues.


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