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When an enemy city is captured, tiles outside your
immediate border cannot be worked. If the city was
working a tile outside its previous owner's border
before it was captured, when it is transferred to
you the city worker becomes completely unavailable
(cannot be seen or toggled from the city map).

Saving the game at that point and loading it again
fixes the city workers (they can again work tiles
outside your border for the captured city).

The cause of this bug may be related to a similar
bug report by Tikhonov Evgeny:

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Aug 5, 2008 7:30 PM]:
> Hello! There is a bug: if enemy founds a city on your
> territory and you destroy this city, you will NEVER be
> able to get resourses from destroyed city's square -
> it is no more your territory forever

Though because no version information was present in the
bug report, I could not confirm this. :(

I will investigate this as I find time to do so...


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