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On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:01 AM, Nicolas R. Wadhwani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This get_best_defender function comes up with quite a lot of odd results
> that are puzzling me as a former payciv gamer, no matter if this feature
> here is implemented or not. For example it lets me kill non military
> units before any strong unit in a city if I attack with something
> rediculus strong like an howitzer. Once the non military units are gone
> and you continue attacking with the strong units it lets the howitzer
> sink an aircraft carrier before a marines unit which is... well just
> imagine if you'd read this in an history book about the battle of Iwo
> Jima...
> Maybe there should be another option letting the get_best_defender
> function return the strongest units of the same type (ground/naval/air)
> first just like the payciv city attacks were handled?

The get_best_defender() function does have some odd quirks, but most
of all the problem is that it does not make a difference between the
case where you would lose your entire stack if the defender dies, and
the case where you don't. In the former case, a tiny improvement of
our chances to survive are worth risking the neck of even the most
expensive unit, but in the latter case this is not so. One thing that
surprises the players the most, I think, is that Settlers are often
chosen to defend cities. This is because they have a huge amount of
hit points compared to other early game units, and the function to
pick the defender does not care that it costs a population point to
lose it.

  - Per

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