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I have a new OSX version in the hood ^^
You all done a marvelous job, a long list of hacks I had to perform  
previously are now gone!
And guess what? File loading is working great!
2.1.6 looks like a great version!

Just a few things though, I have no clue how to define  
set these to "" for now.

Also what is that GGZ network thing? I left them undef, if some of  
you can provide some basic #define values (or hints on places I can  
lurk to get those, Makefile.in maybe?) so I can test that GGZ thing  
with that port, I'm sure it will be a major improvement (is the old  
game tracker dead or? I can't join it).

Oh, and if I can put right values for NEXT_STABLE_VERSION and  
RELEASE_MONTH or would it be overkill?



P-S : I built it against 10.2 so maybe there are chances it will run  
on Jaguar and Panther, it's running ok on Tiger MacIntel for now. I  
didn't test it yet on PPC but I'll be able to do it later this week.  
I can't tell for Leopard (if someone has spare 10.5 box send it to  
me :P). And... one day I'll have that gettext nls thing working! I  
got rid of the embed gettext 0.17 framework and compiled with  
provided "intl", I also discovered that it needs charset.alias  
directory as LIBDIR... one day...

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