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El Sunday 17 August 2008 19:07:33 Michael Mielke escribió:
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> Whereas, there are map features to view how many turns until the production
> of a unit, improvement, or wonder is built, and view how many turns until
> the city grows to the next size: I suggest that we also allow one to be
> able to view the number of traderoutes which exist inside a city. The
> number of traderoutes has become a dominant part of the freeciv game since
> 2.0.0, meaning it is more important that we are able to see what
> traderoutes (or how many) a city does have.  I also do not suggest that the
> default for this option be turned on, as nobody will have a need to see the
> number of traderoutes in a city early in the game (as caravans require
> Trade).  However, later in the game it becomes more important to see which
> cities do not still have traderoutes.

        On the window list of cities you can activate a column with the number 
trade routers of a city,

        Also on the city window if you click on the trade label (the number not 
text) appears a pop up with the trade routes of the city.

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