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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sun Aug 17 18:22:26 2008]:
> While the vote command enables a user to vote, it does not pass or
> reject the resolution after any number of turns.

I can confirm that contrary to the output of "/help vote",
votes that do not have either > 50% in favour or >= 50%
against continue to exist after multiple turns.

I think it would be better to just remove the wrong
information in the help string for the vote command,
instead of implementing that behaviour. The reason
being that passing votes with less than the required
agreement under special circumstances (in this case
after some number of turns have elapsed) is open to
abuse. For example, someone might start a vote near
the end of a turn and players will miss it because
messages from the start of the next turn will scroll
it up in the chat window.

Attached patch fixes the vote command help text.

diff --git a/server/commands.c b/server/commands.c
index 79e957d..7542fb3 100644
--- a/server/commands.c
+++ b/server/commands.c
@@ -115,8 +115,7 @@ const struct command commands[] = {
       "to the latest command.  You can only suggest one vote at a time.  "
       "The vote will pass immediately if more than half of the players "
       "vote for it, or fail immediately if at least half of the players "
-      "vote against it.  If one full turn elapses the vote may pass in any "
-      "case if nobody votes against it.")
+      "vote against it.")
   {"debug",	ALLOW_CTRL,
    N_("debug [ player <player> | city <x> <y> | units <x> <y> | unit <id> "
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