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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Aug 21 16:28:29 2008]:
> It forces the re-selection of "Ready" to all players whenever a
> setting in pregame is changed, or a player joins, or a player
> disconnects in 2.1.6.

Incidentally, because this seems like a good idea in theory
(i.e. to prevent the case that someone agrees to start, then
settings/teams are changed and the game started without
their consent), I implemented this behaviour in warserver as
a test.

After a week it was unanimously agreed that this behaviour
is an incredible nuisance in reality, and I removed it
from the server code. There are just too many false-alarm
situations where this would force users to (again and
again) indicate their readiness after some common trivial
occurence (player joins/leaves, a setting is tweaked).

Most players join a server and do /start, so they can
go off and do something else and be awoken by the nation
select popup; the case where they would suddenly find
themselves started in a game they do not like is very

I would therefore opt to have this behaviour removed from
the 2.1 and later servers, and will soon submit a patch
to do so.


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