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> [nicorwadh - Sat Aug 23 23:21:55 2008]:
> D'oh, hit the send button accidantely prematurely in previous mail...
> why do
> they have to make it next to the attach file button? ;)
> Wanted to note that in order to keep the compatibility with the GTK
> client the
> terrain toggle combo could be moved to the key combo ctrl-shift-t (see
> attached). This suggestion assumes that the GTK client is used more
> widely
> than the SDL one, of wich I don't really have the faintest idea
> about...

I would rather have the SDL shortcuts follow the gtk version
in this case. So the rarely (if ever?) used terrain toggle
shortcut should be removed and ctrl+t kept for toggling
traderoute display.

Generally I think it would be good if all clients used the
same shortcuts.


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