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Am Sonntag, 24. August 2008 02:06:30 schrieb Christian Prochaska:
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> > [book - Sa 23. Aug 2008, 23:51:51]:
> > Generally I think it would be good if all clients used the
> > same shortcuts.

I agree with that, too. It would probably be a good idea to implement the 
shortcuts used by the SDL client "exclusively" (yet) to the GTK client as 
well. Most, if not all, of these features are already present there as menu 
entries, just without shortcuts attached to them. That seems to be a simple 
task, and I'd be happy to do it, but I just don't feel sure about which 
client to give the priority to keep their native shortcuts. As GTK is the 
default GUI and the SDL client is only advertised as "experimental" on the 
download page I would give GTK the preference with this. Maybe there is a 
list of shortcuts mandatory for all clients available in the documentation?

> I agree with that. BTW, a checkbox in the SDL client's map options (as
> in PR#40458) would be nice here, too ;-)

This options "dialog" menu is quite tricky to change, as everything is 
hardcoded. So every entry depends on length, position and so of all the other 
entries, making it annoying to add / move them at will. That's why I'd like 
to wait before fidling in this again to see when or if PR#40458 will be 
commited to trunk.

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