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> [nicorwadh - Sun Aug 24 17:31:35 2008]:
> Am Sonntag, 24. August 2008 02:06:30 schrieb Christian Prochaska:
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> >
> > > [book - Sa 23. Aug 2008, 23:51:51]:
> > > Generally I think it would be good if all clients used the
> > > same shortcuts.
> I agree with that, too. It would probably be a good
> idea to implement the shortcuts used by the SDL client
> "exclusively" (yet) to the GTK client as well. Most, if not
> all, of these features are already present there as menu
> entries, just without shortcuts attached to them. That
> seems to be a simple task, and I'd be happy to do it,
> but I just don't feel sure about which client to give
> the priority to keep their native shortcuts. As GTK is
> the default GUI and the SDL client is only advertised as
> "experimental" on the download page I would give GTK the
> preference with this. Maybe there is a list of shortcuts
> mandatory for all clients available in the documentation?

None that I know of. It would be a good idea to create such
a page in the wiki though. It should be according to the gtk
client, and the other guis made to follow it.

(There is a warclient shortcut quick reference
but of course there are many warclient specific things
in it that don't exist in regular freeciv.)

> > I agree with that. BTW, a checkbox in the SDL client's map options
> > (as in PR#40458) would be nice here, too ;-)
> This options "dialog" menu is quite tricky to change,
> as everything is hardcoded. So every entry depends on
> length, position and so of all the other entries, making
> it annoying to add / move them at will. That's why I'd
> like to wait before fidling in this again to see when or
> if PR#40458 will be commited to trunk.

Making the shortcuts in that patch consistent with the
gtk shortcuts would accelerate this process.


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