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Am Donnerstag, 28. August 2008 02:26:02 schrieb Madeline Book:
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> Of course, I would perfer if a translator could had
> a look and possibly think of better abbreviations that
> would be both intuitive and consistent with the rest
> of the German translation.

Well, I'm not really a translator but I happen to be able to understand 
german, although not always really understanding Germans. ;) Germans really 
do like abbreviations, but to me that is mostly more confusing than helping. 
Maybe that is just because I have to memorize dozens of germans and english 

I always wondered about the w in the english native version as well as about 
the + in the translation. Now you posted this I finally get it. :D Is it 
really so crucial for the length of a message string that you can't just 
write "wonder" or "built" in it? Though I don't really see why this info text 
is particulary necessary anyways, as this particulary piece of news is the 
very reason of the message itself. I would like to see it only in the 
production info or progress bar as "available" ("verf├╝gbar") or "built" 
("gebaut"), but that would mean some more work for all the other language 


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