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2008/8/12 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
> In June, I wrote:
>> Madeline Book writes:
>> > and for 2.2+ to expand the effect system to allow support for
>> > auto-irrigation and auto-farmland of the city center.
>> I'll see if I can find time to have a go at this.
> I've finally found a bit of time. Draft attached. It continues to be a
> can of worms.
> I've realised I need _another_ universal type which will allow me to
> restrict the auto-farmland effect to irrigable terrains. Having a
> source which allows the effects system to use this part of the terrain
> ruleset seems like a generally useful thing, though, so I've done
> that. The result (VUT_TERRAINALTER) is somewhat clumsy -- its name,
> for one thing -- but appears to work. Suggestions for improvement
> welcome.

 I really don't like the way this pollutes namespaces with entries
that are used for this one gola only and not otherwise usable. It's
not big problem internally, but for requirement names and the likes
that affect external ruleset format. Still, this is fixing a bug we
really want to get rid of (micromanaging your hidden city centers
should not be necessary, or rewarded). Since nobody seems to invent
any better methdos, I guess we go with this one.

 It might be less ugly if we split it to smaller pieces and
concentrate on making one piece correct at a time (this has worked
with most such ugly-at-first patches).

 Obviously acceptable part of this patch is
contains_special(ptile.special...) -> tile_has_special(ptile... )
cleanup. If you can separate that from the rest of the patch, I'm
ready to commit it quickly.

 About terrain alteration requirements: naming is confusing when for
example "is_terrain_alteration_in_range" is not checking for tiles
where terrain alteration *is*, but tiles where terrain alteration
*could* exist. This needs some work.

 - ML

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