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Am Sonntag, 7. September 2008 12:11:47 schrieb François Marlier:
> -As the SDL version of Freeciv was first aimed at small screen
> devices, I'd felt free to relocate the Message widget in this new
> version as well as making it auto resizing in between the minimap
> widget and the unit info widget. This means, the first time you start
> the game, the Message will fit according to the screen resolution,
> giving you more reading outputs. I have yet to fix it to auto resize
> when you change the screen resolution while in game (you'll have to
> save, quit and relaunch for the Message widget to resize according to
> the new screen resolution when you change it when the game allready
> started, for now).
> -I removed the Message widget label bar, finding it useless. This also
> allows to give more outputs.
> -I also changed the Message widget colors to a more readable one.
> Yellow was not imho really readable on land tiles… Due to the fact I
> choose a dark translucent background (making the widget less
> intrusive) for the Message widget background, I had to create two more
> colors for other types of messages to avoid changing ALL the game
> texts to a fainted color (by default, some outputs are colored with
> the main text color). In the end you'll now see 4 different colors in
> the Message widget:
> -fainted yellow which shows clickable messages/your civ turn report.
> -medium gold which shows clickable messages once beeing clicked.
> -redish shows other civs reports and possibly other things.
> -blueish shows yet to find other infos.

Way to go Francois! 
Would you mind posting your changes to the source code as patch/diff file as 
well? If you don't know how you can read on 
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Contribute (sure there is an equivalent 
of the diff tool on the Mac). That way your changes on the interface could be 
adopted by the SDL client regardless of the platform it is compiled for.


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