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A second idea for dealing with autotoggle: have the client
send autotoggle=0 after the take command when the game is
loaded. This would then avoid the situation where a player
loads a game, chooses an AI player, and then wonders why
nothing happens when they press turn done. By turning
autotoggle off immediately afterwards, it also avoids the
situations where autotoggle sets wrong players to AI mode
under exceptional circumstances (the original issue raised
in this ticket).

diff --git a/client/connectdlg_common.c b/client/connectdlg_common.c
index 9f0998c..9cd1bd1 100644
--- a/client/connectdlg_common.c
+++ b/client/connectdlg_common.c
@@ -490,6 +490,7 @@ void send_start_saved_game(void)
   my_snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "/take \"%s\" \"%s\"",
       	      user_name, leader_name);
+  send_chat("/set autotoggle 0");
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