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2008/9/10 Madeline Book:
> A second idea for dealing with autotoggle: have the client
> send autotoggle=0 after the take command when the game is
> loaded. This would then avoid the situation where a player
> loads a game, chooses an AI player, and then wonders why
> nothing happens when they press turn done. By turning
> autotoggle off immediately afterwards, it also avoids the
> situations where autotoggle sets wrong players to AI mode
> under exceptional circumstances (the original issue raised
> in this ticket).

 This doesn't respect autotoggle setting from savegame.

 Why client needs to change autotoggle in the first place? After all,
autotoggle should have quite well defined meaning. ISn't it working,
if autotoggle is off, game is saved and again loaded with same

 - ML

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