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[dadoran - Wed Aug 27 16:45:52 2008]:

I've spent a week (starting Aug 20) with a checkout copy of
Freeciv SVN 2.2.99, compiled it for GTK on Linux and I've
been collecting notes on what I've discovered.  I've even
got a patch for a problem I had with the default ruleset.
Should I dump my discoveries here or submit them through
the bugs.freeciv.org RT system?

Send in one bug report per issue/patch, and follow the
guidelines at http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Reporting .
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Reporting says "To report a bug you should use our bug tracking system RT or send a mail to RT e-mail gateway."  but it doesn't say what the RT e-mail gateway is.

http://rt.freeciv.org/ says "Guests should email [EMAIL PROTECTED] to create tickets" but nothing seems to happen.

I've sent three emails (on the same subject, but in slightly different formats) to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and aside from my email client not reporting them as undeliverable, there is no sign of them.  I got no reply back giving me a ticket #, or telling me that it had been received and was waiting for a developer to look at it, or that it couldn't create a ticket because its partition was full or anything. 

I could find 3 tickets with my email address as a requestor, all, I believe, automatically generated by sending email to this list; and no message with the word 'Solar' in the subject line is newer than a year old; so I'm getting the feeling that anything sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] by anyone not on the list falls into the bit bucket.  If I can get some assurance that y'all are seeing these emails, but not responding to them, or that you've fixed bugs in bugs@, and it isn't eating email, I've got some other subjects to cover, but until it is clear that [EMAIL PROTECTED] isn't just eating everything it receives, I don't see the point.

Is this in any way related to <URL:http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40429 > ?

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