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You email client is sending your messages as attached
html, which is rather annoying to read in RT. It appears
as a file attachement and all that is visible in the
body is:

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Sep 11 07:56:29 2008]:
> This transaction appears to have no content

Please fix your email client.

> http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Reporting says "To report
> a bug you should use our bug tracking system RT or send a
> mail to RT e-mail gateway."  but it doesn't say what the
> RT e-mail gateway is.

I have updated that page to hopefully be clearer about where
the email address is. Anyway, it is report (at) rt (dot)
freeciv (dot) org, as shown in the image in the top left
corner of that page.

> http://rt.freeciv.org/ says "Guests should email [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> to create tickets" but nothing seems to happen.

This is wrong and should be disregarded. It seems to only
appear when logged in as guest. Hopefully someone with
access to the RT html/perl sources will remove it soon.

By the way, how is it that you can log in as guest using
the guest password displayed in the image, yet you do not
see the "Send email to ..." line just above it? :(

> I've sent three emails (on the same subject, but in
> slightly different formats) to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and aside
> from my email client not reporting them as undeliverable,
> there is no sign of them.  I got no reply back giving me a
> ticket #, or telling me that it had been received and was
> waiting for a developer to look at it, or that it couldn't
> create a ticket because its partition was full or anything.

Maybe the spam filter is eating your emails. I do not have
access to change its behaviour so until someone that does
notices this and fixes it for your domain try gmail or
something like that.

> I could find 3 tickets with my email address as a
> requestor, all, I believe, automatically generated by
> sending email to this list; and no message with the
> word 'Solar' in the subject line is newer than a year
> old; so I'm getting the feeling that anything sent to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] by anyone not on the list falls into the
> bit bucket.  If I can get some assurance that y'all are
> seeing these emails, but not responding to them, or that
> you've fixed bugs in bugs@, and it isn't eating email,
> I've got some other subjects to cover, but until it is
> clear that [EMAIL PROTECTED] isn't just eating everything
> it receives, I don't see the point.

I can only find 2 tickets requested by the email address
you used to open this ticket (#40029, #40464 i.e. this

'[EMAIL PROTECTED]' is not the bug reporting address.
Please stop using it.

> Is this in any way related to #40429 ?

This is the same issue, people sending messages to the old
now-removed address.


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