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Hi Madeline,

I can confirm this crash, which is pretty serious.
It only occurs with gen 1 and 2, not gen 3.

The crash is fairly easy to reproduce, so then it should be
possible to find out what's wrong, right?

  - Andreas

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Madeline Book wrote:
<URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40453 >

I'm still randomly getting the assertion failure in
latest svn in S2_1 (r15204) and S2_2 (r15205). :(

Maybe the previous patch made it a little less likely,
but it is still happening enough to be annoying (that
is, everyday during testing). Is nobody else getting

It is happening for both gen 1 and 2. Gen 3 generates
the map alright, but it now seems that it places 2
or more players on single islands leaving other islands
empty (this is with startpos=0). ;(

I think that the start position allocation code needs
to be looked at more carefully. For gen1,2 it should
never abort the server unless there actually are less
land tiles on the map than there are players (even so,
aborting is a little harsh, it could just return to
pregame and say that the map generation parameters
caused the generator to fail).

For gen=3+startpos=0 it must place players one per
island, as per previous versions' behaviour and the
help texts.

(I'm not sure now that it is just the fault of the
patch in #40417; it seems that the problem is a little
deeper than just those changes I am guessing...)

This is a fairly serious bug, I would say that it is
the highest priority thing to be fixed before 2.1.7.


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